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After getting the MacBook’s battery fixed yesterday, this morning UPS was ringing (it’s cool that the real postman – who’ll ring all doors to get to the postboxes – rings really shortly – that way you can tell when the doorbell indicates something that’s worth moving your butt away from the breakfast table) to return my little digital camera which broke around christmas for the second time. So currently I’m ‘complete’ with all my toys being here and in working order. Let’s hope that lasts for a while.

Apparently a board in the camera managed to break. No idea how that could have happened. But at least they replaced it – returning the camera to me in working condition. It’s a bit annoying though that each repair of the camera seems to re-set all its settings to their defaults.

When sending the camera in I used a new-ish parcel service that I saw people using on eBay. While it looks quite trashy and seems to try doing without too much of a sophisticated infrastructure, it has the advantage of being cheap – with a small insured parcel costing less than four Euros to send. Instead of having proper branches, they seem to convince shop owners to handle the accepting of parcels for them. I assume those shop owners will get some share of the fee for that. As this doesn’t seem to be a lot of effort for the shop owners, there are quite a few places where you can drop a parcel this way. Meaning that I could both save a bunch of money and conveniently drop the parcel on my way to uni rather than having to go to one of the two post offices just for that (and face the risk of being served by that one really unfriendly guy they have in the post office at the station…)

So while I suspect that that whole shipping company is a bit trashy and probably makes do with hiring ‘independent’ slaves to do the actual work rather than hiring proper employees, I have to admit their service is very convenient.

January 12, 2007, 0:13

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