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A food day today: I decided to make chorizo soup for dinner again. It’s just such a fantastic dish for a cold day. And frying up finely chopped chorizo gives this wonderful smell! Thus, fry chopped chorizo:

pot with fried chorizo chunks in it

add some celery, onion and garlic:

pot as before but with some green and white chunks from the onion and celery in it

after a while add tomatoes, chickpeas and spinach (unfortunately of the frozen kind at this time of the year, but that worked surprsingly well):

same as before but with plenty of dark green spinach, red tomatoes and chickpeas

then stew that with some broth for three quarters of an hour and finally add some ham oil and – fun extra hint! - grated hard boiled egg on the top. Tastes great.

But my omnivorous self wasn’t content with that so there was also a salad before – where I used what I scraped out of the tomatoes that went into the soup plus some balsamic vinegar for a tomato dressing – and some Waldmeister jelly with custard. Both of which come in little bags an need stirring but I paid enough attention to the custard that it didn’t get a yucky skin for a change. Yummy and mostly green, all that.

Waldmeister jelly with custard in a bowl

Did I mention there’s also a cake?

January 27, 2007, 0:05

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vomitttttttttttttttttt yup thats wat all that looks like !!! :)

September 17, 2009, 5:36

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