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und Thesen?

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Martin Pittenauer mentioned this great Jesus Loves Osama story. Which in turn reminded me of something I had wanted to post for months – but never did because I wanted to take a properly focused photo in better light first which didn’t happen because I couldn’t bring myself, my camera and good weather to the same place at the same time despite passing the place pretty much daily.

It’s some writing on the wall that has been in Göttingen since I first came here and that still is in place – proving that people can have a sense of humour, even in Germany, and even in churches. Hooray:

Wall with the text mentioned below.

In case you need a translation: The printed line says Plakate ankleben verboten – it’s forbidden to put up posters there. And then someone chalked Und Thesen? – and theses? below it. Which is great when you know that the building in question is a church (a fact that’s hard to see on the photo but that’s quite obvious when you’re standing there…). Sure it’s not a catholic church, but in a way this makes the whole joke even whackier. I love it. And kudos to both the people who put it up and who didn’t remove it.

February 15, 2007, 0:03

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