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Die Zeit keep sending me their ‘Campus’ magazine for some reason. It’s not particularly good, but I flipped through it anyway and – fun idea! – they had a page on business cards of some high level executives, discussing the design, the paper and the typefaces used. Unfortunately whoever wrote the text, has some interesting ideas on the topic. For example the type on our chancelorette’s business card (whatever she needs that for) is described as a feminine serif typeface. Now I have heard people talk about serif typefaces as feminine before (I’d disagree with that assessment), but those people didn’t refer to a typeface like this:

business card of the chancellorette

Yay, iSight photo quality! And that poor photo quality combined with the bad print quality of the magazine, will make it impossible to follow my other point, so I don’t even post the photo. The point being that another card was claimed to be ‘a Helvetica’ typeface. And it could very well be, but the C looks too far open to me and the G looks more Arial-esque (while other characters don’t). Any takers on what that could be?

June 9, 2007, 0:37

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