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Fleischsalat (meat salad) is a bit of an atrocity. Cut up sausage, mayonnaise, gherkins and possibly a few more igredients. It’s not that it necessarily tastes bad, but it’s the firm idea that it’s probably nothing but the leftovers they have covered in other things as long as it takes to cover up the foulness you suppose to be there. So that’s not really a way to go [a Stulli reference seems obligatory here, but it’s just not going to work if you don’t read the right mgazines.]

Anyway – I needed some meat yesterday, and thought about a different salad with meat. Simply by taking salad and putting some meat on top. And I ended up with this:

meat salad

It started with some rucola, I then fried two sliced carrots in a pan and added two or three chopped up tomatoes to the mix later on. Those bacame all mushy and warm. This was salted, peppered and Cayenne peppered (a fresh chili might have been nice but wasn’t around) and then put to the side of the pan to create a free area for the steak. I only seared the steak briefly, leaving it raw in the middle.

Finally the steak was thinly sliced, chopped coriander was added to the tomato-carrot mix which was then mixed with the salad (giving an IMO nice hot-cold contrast when eating), this was put on a plate with a few steak slices on top and coarsly grated parmesan yet on top of that.

Eat with a buttered toast and grunt.

May 1, 2008, 17:29

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Comment by dan: User icon

Eat with a buttered toast and grunt.

Karl-Heinz definitely approves. Yum.

May 1, 2008, 18:11

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