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Terraforming… Please Wait

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Now if this isn’t naturally dramatic:

Dark clouds + sun + landscape

And then I saw this construction site where they dug a long hole in the middle of nowhere for a pipe of some sort. I immediately had people happily sitting in their huge and powerful machines digging those holes and shifting the ground around in my mind. And I thought one could label a picture of that with Terraforming… Please Wait.

trench in the middle of nowhere for a pipe

Which in turn I am pretty sure is a phrase that I frequently saw at the beginning of some computer game a long time ago. But I can’t really remember which one it was. Populous perhaps? Something along the Civilization or Colonization lines? Railroad Tycoon or Sim City after all? You’ll need a bit of earth to work with in either of these, but somehow I currently favour the first one. Which I only played very rarely and cannot remember well at all. Any takers for this question?

May 2, 2008, 0:54


Comment by Tom Insam: User icon

My brane tells me it was Sim Earth. It had a world setup phase like that. Sim City 2 had ‘reticulating splines’, which I love.

May 2, 2008, 8:41

Comment by ssp: User icon

That could totally be. I think I at least played it a few times at a friend’s or so. Hooray for earthquakes and hurricanes…

May 2, 2008, 12:51

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