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GeburtstagsChecker 1.7.1

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GeburtstagsChecker Icon Ah crap! Releasing software and learning shortly after that there’s a bug in it sucks. Unfortunately that’s just what happened for GeburtstagsChecker 1.7 and thus an update fixing the problem follows. As the problem in question is exclusive to MacOS X.4, I didn’t even have a chance to see it in my own usage of the app. And the somewhat amusing fact that people think sites like MacUpdate are a place to report problems they have with software – instead of the e-mail address given in the about box, readme and web site, say – is somewhat amusing and slowed things down somewhat.

So those of you still using Mac OS X.4 may want to get the update…

And now I’m off to muse about a career in PR where I’d spin this as us simply needing an excuse to show off the cool Sparkle based updating included in the 1.7 version…

May 21, 2008, 22:59

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