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Oh the moronic

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Unless you own stock in them it’s hard to like the large energy companies. Mainly because it’s simply in their best interest to get people to use more energy and to try getting away with as many emissions (be it carbon dioxide, radiation or simple old pollution). As long as they belive in money and our state does as well, it’s hard to blame them, they’re just making the best of it, right?

So it’s surprising to see a huge energy company make ads on saving energy. It seems they feel a big need to work on their reputation. But, hey, they managed to put the emphasis there on the point that using less energy will save you money. Sure, it does and it won’t hurt if people save energy because of that. But somehow that seems to be missing the point.

Energy company ad

This ad just struck me as particularly moronic. And it’s been up there for me to see several times a day for at least a fortnight…

May 9, 2008, 2:05

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