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Having done my share of mail ordering things recently, this was the first time that I actually had access to those tracking numbers for the parcels. Not that is fun. Quite dramatic to see my future iPod far away in Taipei, seeing it bravely make its way through customs, see it arrive in Luxemburg, then Holland and hopefully to my parents house on Monday or Tuesday – just in time for christmas.

Talking about the iPod – for which I went with the Where is my mind? engraving after all as a little asking around revealed that my initial Does anybody remember laughter? preference was so obscure that absolutely no-one knew it, even after explanations.

So the next question is how to call the iPod. I could go for 'Where is my mind?' again, but that's quite long and not a personal name. I guess one way would be to go with the Fight Club reference and call it Tyler – but I don't like that too much. Other options I have in mind would be Hobbes, to stay in the realm of cartoons, or – even better – Yoshimi, to have a reference both to music and cartoony things. I could go for Japanese spelling, but which one would be appropriate: よしみ or ヨシミ or some fancy Kanji letter even? According to WordLookup, よしみ, written 誼 means friendship. I guess, I'll have to consult Chiho on this.

I also ordered something from amazon.com as a christmas present for my brother and was delighted to see that they offer online tracking as well.

I am so easily amused.

December 20, 2003, 18:29

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