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A few more short accounts of media consumption.

Múm, Summer Make good
CD Cover Same country, same label and similar style as Sigur Rós. Very enjoyable from what I sampled on the net. I hope their vinyl will be around here soon.
Die Sterne, Das Weltall ist zu weit
Sterne CD Cover Their new album. While the previous one seemed very elaborate and smoothly styled to me – perhaps a bit too elaborate and smooth, this one reminds me more of their 1996 and IMO best record, 'Posen', deliberately mixing many different styles of music. In fact, with a bit of goodwill I hear the sounds of many German bands ranging all the way from Ton Steine Scherben to Sportfreunde Stiller in there.
The Dreamers
Bernardo Bertolucci's film about cinema obsession and 1968. And with enough naked skin to illustrate the different censoring styles countries have (from 11 in Denmark to 18 in the UK and R in the US). Indeed there may be a little too much sex in the film for its own good – overshadowing the rest of the plot as well as all the nice details and the profound knowledge of film history that made its way into it. I found the end quite sad, btw.
Best of American nonrequired reading 2002
Nonrequired Reading 2002 Book Cover A collection of short stories edited by Dave Eggers. I like short stories for bedtime reading, I liked Eggers' books as well. So this couldn't be too wrong. It wasn't too wrong but it wasn't quite what I expected either. Quite a few stories about refugees (non-fiction even, perhaps?), a story from The Onion, which I wouldn't expect to see in print. Other stories like My Fake Job by Rodney Rothman were amusing but might feel equally at home on a website. As does the final excerpt by Zoe Trope which reads like a teenager Livejournal with proper spelling – and apparently is just that. Any experiences with the 2003 and 2004 issues of the series?
Kaizers Orchestra, Evig Pint
Kaizers Orchestra CD Cover More Scandinavian music. From Norway this time if I'm not mistaken. Somehow the cover art goes along with the gas mask theme introduced by Sigur Rós a while ago. But the music is quite different. Cool at some stages, a bit too folksy for my taste at others.
A film that is apparently based on a true story of a prostitute who ends up killing her potential clients. As you get to know the story of her life, you start feeling sorry for her. Quite intense stuff.
Nice T-Shirt! Another sad film (aren't there happy films?) about a school shooting by Gus Van Sant. It's very slowly and beautifully filmed, following many of the people around, sympathising with them, seeing them interact – just to see most of them shot with incredible ease later on. All this accompanied by good old Ludwig van, just before the ultraviolent begins. – Cool T-Shirt, btw.
The Thermals, Fuckin A
Thermals CD Cover The Thermals first came to my attention a while ago on a magazine CD. I liked their song Brace and Break on there enough to include it on a compilation CD. The songs on the new half hour CD have the same sound, energy and drive and are enjoyable. Favourites so far: How We Know, Let your Earth quake, Baby and A Stare like Yours.
You open your eyes
and stare into mine –
a stare like yours
is hard to find –
it's ultraviolet.
You close your eyes
and breathe –
I feel your lips
you hit the switch.

The Thermals, A Stare like Yours

And Fascism made this T-Shirt is what they engraved in the unused part of the vinyl after the 'lead out'.

June 16, 2004, 0:06

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