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The Thermals Live

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I've just seen The Thermals in Köln. It was a hot day (though not as hot as when I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs last year). The gig took place in Gebäude 9 where lots of cool bands tend to be playing (including The Libertines when I saw them in 2002). Because of the great heat, perhaps, they let the starting time slip a little and the support band wasn't on before ten or so.

The support band was Spitting off Tall Buildings. A German band, singing in English though, of punky nature. They had a girl lead singer who did a good job and manifested that in 2004 it's OK to walk around in torn jeans mini skirts again. I thought they were suprisingly good. So go visit their website now as you'll probably never hear of them again.

Then, after the obligatory break for setting up the stage, The Thermals came on. To begin with I was surprised about the singer. I think he sings with a really strange voice. And somehow I'd expect him to look strange as well. Just that he looked very normal. He with the bassist – she rocks! – and the drummer, did and excellent job at delivering all the noise we were craving for and getting the crowd going. They played all the songs I like, including Remember Today and Let My Earth Quake Baby in the encore. Good music. Good noise. Good good. I enjoyed it very much. They even sold T-Shirts with 'Thermals of mass destruction' on them. Nice.

I also saw the presenter of my favourite music show on telly walk around there (Köln being Germany's media city and all). I trusted her musical taste before, but she's even smaller than she looks on telly. Bum, I'm not got at compliments, am I?

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August 5, 2004, 23:39

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