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Just a quick note on what's going on... a trip to Bremen by train (friendly person at the counter who was very helpful for replacing, i.e. re-buying, my stolen railcard [those freakin' bastards now only sell you a subscription to a railcard without the option to cancel it asap – you'll have to wait until they send you the actual plastic card before you have the final number and can do that. Suckers.]); visiting my mom in hospital, seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 with my brother; seing my ophtamologist; seing my optician (who first overcharged me for my new contacts by copying the old DM amount from the last time I was there but now charging Euros of course and then, after repaying the difference, gave me a completely wrong receipt, so I had to go there thrice in the end; borrowing my mom's car and phone; driving down to Köln; getting the wrong exit there at first, completely ruining Pierre's nice description of the way to them; visiting Pierre and Wera there; having dinner with friends of theirs (after indulging in carrying pieces of a wardrobe [it will be a huge one, I suppose] to their flat in the third floor); seeing The Thermals; writing this; enjoying a relaxed morning with Pierre and Wera; Picking up Steffen; driving to the Haldern Open Air (I've been to that one with Dan in 2002, it's small and calm festival) with him and meeting Richard there; listen to loads of small bands, including dEUS, Adam Green, Kings of Leon, Das Pop and probably many others; In case you're going there as well, I'll probably wear my homemade shirts.

August 6, 2004, 12:28

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