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The Legends

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It’s really rare that interesting live bands come to play in Göttingen. But today was such a day – meaning I was compelled to go, despite never having heard of the band, The Legends, before. Handily there was a review of their album Up Against The Legends up today, though. The album on Labrador records seems to have been released world-wide recently but according to the copyright notice is from 2003.

Up Against The Legends album cover As avid readers of these pages will know, I have a weakness for most things Swedish and Swedish bands in particular, which made the concert even more attractive as The Legends are from Sweden. Hooray for that. The band consists of a whopping eight members – Singer/Guitar, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard and three girls doing supporting vocals and good old-fashioned clapping (in a slightly bored-looking way, sadly). All of them were crammed on a stage of about six square metres in a tiny club.

While looking definitely indie-pop-ish, their music was more a blast from the past. 1960s indie-pop, if you wish, with the background clapping and support vocalists perhaps being a giveaway for the general direction this takes. They sound a bit low-fi with the lead singing apparently submitted to some distortion all the time but nonetheless quite cheerful with the clapping and occasional Ah-aaaah-ah-uh-oh in the background. Those background vocals were slightly off-pitch in the beginning.

Their sound reminded me of a less obnoxious and softer version of The Raveonettes and also reminds me of The Thrills in its cheerfulness. Apart from that, many of their songs sounded strangely familiar. Like they borrowed a few notes from other songs every now and again to fool you into thinking they are some other band. When playing live they were (of course) much more vivid, noisy and outgoing than on the CD, which I find a little bit too tame.

The CD features twelve songs in 30 minutes, by the way, touching another weakness of mine – short songts. During the concert I got never bored. Songs just ended without going into endless repetitions. Sometimes I even wanted them to go on a little longer – which is very rare. The downside of that was that the gig was over after slightly more than half an hour. The guy just said sorry, that’s all we know.

Cheerful harmless pop song: There and back again; Catchy retro low-fi song: Everything you say.

On my way back home a police car told me to get off my bike on the sidewalk. In the middle of the night. Gee, don’t they have anything better to do? This resulted in a bunch of people pushing their bikes for a few metres until the police car was out of sight.

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September 22, 2004, 2:04

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