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No Melody

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Tonight Björn and myself indulged in going out once more. It’s been a while since we last did that… possibly to avoid the crowds of freshers at the start of term. I used to love those nights out but keep thinking that they may be beyond their prime by now. Perhaps by getting too successful, or bored, or whatever. A bit sad, really, as the guys can do better.

Afterwards, I decided I needed some late night telly before going to bed. Something I haven’t done for a while. And I’m pretty sure it got worse. Out of the 34 channels we get about a third broadcast home shopping crap at that time of the day. Adding the channels which are in commercial breaks or have soft porn on, you’ll end up not wanting to see about half the channels that you pay for. Subtracting the news channels from what remains, leaves at most a dozen. And being a bit picky with those doesn’t leave much. So I ended up sticking with the music channels anyway.

On there, I first saw what seems to be Madonna’s new video, going by the name of Hung up. Considering that despite her looks she’s not exactly young anymore I thought that was quite brave. In fact, while I’ve never really liked her music, I keep thinking that what she does is rather amazing. Being ‘pop’ she simply moves with time, rather than sticking to a single style. And she’s very flexible there, covering many developments. At the same time she’s never shy to try new things and go a few steps further than you thought or would have recommended. And despite possibly being a bit underdressed in that video, she still doesn’t look like a slut as many of her colleagues do.

After that came the Chemical Brothers with their new single Believe. Like many other of their videos that one was actually quite cool. And it seems to have won some prize on that MTV thing yesterday. So possibly not all of them were complete crap. Finally, I saw the video for Turntablerocker’s popular No Melody. Quite a fun video as well. And one that looked very South African to me at first sight and like an extensive Cape Town area thing on the second. They must’ve been at Boulders as well…

Off to sleep…

November 5, 2005, 4:07

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