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UnicodeChecker 1.9.1

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UnicodeChecker Icon Another update to the mighty UnicodeChecker. Unfortunately it’s not a big one that’d give us an excuse to get to the magic 1.10 version number, but just a few fixes and small improvements.

Two of them are with respect to the new escaping feature introduced in version 1.9. A problem with the escaping of non-BMP for CSS 2 version was fixed and a new option for octally encoded escapes as loved by C programmers and the C programming language alike was added.

Then a little quirk in UnicodeChecker’s main display was fixed: When typing something like ‘fi’ there, it’d display the ‘fi’ ligature along with information on the ‘i’ glyph. Now you’ll see separated characters. Finally, UnicodeChecker’s help is now available as a standard Apple help book. While I still hate Apple’s Help viewer, UnicodeChecker’s read me file started being so long that it seemed like a good idea to split it up into different sections and being able to use cross-references.

November 21, 2005, 0:51

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