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It’s Bowie

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Watching the other day’s Musical Treats with Arcade Fire and Bowie playing together, I couldn’t help but think: Eeeeeeeek. Bowie looks completely synthetic, artificial, broken, Michael Jacksonesque.


A strangely deranged, nose, a broken skin colour, nowhere near as alive and cool as the Arcade Fire. He looks downright scary.

Bowie and Arcade Fire

And it makes me sad to say that. He’s the arch-duke of pop after all. And deservedly so. When I saw him play last summer he definitely looked more alive and more cool than on stage with Arcade Fire. Somehow he just seemed tense and uneasy playing there. Like a squirrel or the proverbial pig, in a cage, on antibiotics.

More Bowie

I really like Bowie, honest.

Bonus Quiz: Which film does this post’s title come from?

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December 2, 2005, 0:03

Tagged as music.


Comment by milkywayinhabitant: User icon

“Oh my God it’s Bowie!!!”

Almost Famous. Great film.

February 20, 2007, 16:53

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