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Hurricane Friday

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Friday at the Hurricane festival: The Pixies, Placebo, David Bowie, Air and a stolen rucksack. (See also: Hurricane general, Saturday, Sunday.)

Part 1 of text: Beginning, Pixies, Placebo

Part 2 of text: Mogwai and David Bowie

Addendum: I'd like to note that we were quite lucky to actually see Bowie. Apparently he had health problems that made him cancel one of the concerts before ours and the one the day after ours. Thanks and get well soon.

Part 3 of text: Air, theft

Update: At least my purse (minus the pounds and dollars) found its way back to me. It must have been thrown away and was found by other people who had a camera stolen. They managed to look at my ID card and address list and figured to call my parents, who in turn called me and gave me the number of people in a tent 20 metres away. Thanks to them I won't have to get a new ID and driving license (and the thieves don't have my address anymore to go with my keys).

See also: Hurricane general, Saturday, Sunday.

June 25, 2004, 23:59

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