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Hurricane Sunday

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The final day of the festival was the least promising for me due to the massive presence of (German) hip hop bands. In my book, music should be mainly about music and not about talking. Hip hop is a mistake and German hip hop is a particularly big mistake. People should apologise. In addition the day started with a drizzle and clouds once more. The rain went away, though, and a bad mood didn't come up thanks to a special treat:

Mando Diao (14:30)

I've been going on about Mando Diao ever since I first saw them in Groningen one and a half years ago. They're another group of great young Swedes. Finally I got to see them again – and they were still very good. Both the music itself and the playing. The second guitarist sings very well, btw. Very nice. If you haven't hear their music yet, drop whatever you're doing and get it now.

Ash (15:30)

There are quite a few Ash songs, but frankly I don't quite get in which direction that band is going. They come up with cheesy pop style songs and reasonable harder stuff at the same rate. I don't 'get' what they're trying to do.

Anti-Flag (15:50)

Sitting far away and relaxing we overheard Anti-Flat. A punk-pop type of affair with catchy melodies and a political message here and there (anti Bush and Blair, say, which went down rather well – in fact I was surprised how many people wore buttons or shirts against war or Bush [why the hell would you run around with a picture of that ugly ape on your shirt?!] or other such nonsense). The music was better than I expected, but not really my cup of tea.

5 Sterne Deluxe (17:10)

German hip hop, a poor show, nuff said.

Beatsteaks (20:00)

A rather new band from Berlin that seems quite popular with the youngpeople these days. They may have played all right but there were too many cover versions in their repertoire for my taste to say the least.

Sportfreunde Stiller (21:30)
These guys are a strange phenomenon. They're music isn't very good and neither are their lyrics (which are a bit on the dumb side). Yet, they make good party music and people were really enjoying the concert – with by far too many of them travelling above our heads once more. Well played and fun to watch. (At one stage, the audience started chanting Wir ziehn den Bayern die Lederhosen auswhich was quite funny, but I am not going to go into that for those who don't 'get' it immediately.)


And that was that. While other still listened to Die Fantastischen Vier, a big German hip hop act, we packed up our garbage and made sure we left right after their gig finished and the people from our party returned from it – avoiding the big rush for the exits and the jam on the road. Predictably the whole festival site looked like a dump at the end – but it will have a year to recover...

June 27, 2004, 23:53

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