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The festival's second day was much better weather-wise. The sun came through and there wasn't any rain. While there was enough sun to cause a slight sunburn on my neck, it was cloudy enough to remain comfortable cool throughout. Nice. Music-wise the day started with a disappointment as Snow Patrol didn't turn up. Thus we waited there a little until German band Tomte came on. I don't like them too much and the singer did too much talking during the concert. But this was just to be the warm-up anyway.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy (15:00)

More Swedish goodness. With a slightly political bias. Romantics who believe in the revolution, as they said themselves. I like the music, it's pretty plain and straightforward rock with lyrics. Even if they don't end up improving the world at large, they gave a good start to my musical day. Recommended.

I am Kloot (15:50)

Dan and Alison went to see them up close. I only watched from far away. While their music may not be without merit, I found them a bit boring right after The International Noise Conspiracy.

Franz Ferdinand (17:40)

Originally Richard pointed me towards Franz Ferdinand because he thought they were great when he saw them play live. And damn was he right. While I enjoyed the album, them playing live was just great. Probably the best gig I saw during the festival. They really seemed to enjoy playing a lot and I enjoyed listening. Superfantastisch!

Temporarily there may be mp3s of their gig at Glastonbury.

Wilco (18:30)

With the timing being rather tight, I needed some rest after Franz Ferdinand and only witnessed Wilco from a distance. Again, this seemed a bit boring in contrast, which probably doesn't do the band justice.

PJ Harvey (20:30)

We were a bit late for PJ Harvey because of having dinner for too long. Still, we managed to see quite a few songs from a distance. I am not too sure about her. Some songs are really good, but I can't take them in greater quantities as I find them a bit unnerving.

The Hives (22:00)

YAGSB – Yet another great Swedish band. The Hives make a lot of noise. Too many people doing the crowdsurfing thing spoiled this concert a bit, but the music was great. For my taste the band does a bit too much posing and they all dress up funnily in suits these days. Definitely a highlight.

The Cure (23:30)

Well exhausted afte The Hives, The Cure were there to end the day. I found the concert disappointing, perhaps again because of the contrast to the preceding one but also for its lack of songs I actually know. Judging from this interview with Robert Smith, he realised that the gig didn't go down too well, calling its planning the biggest mistake he made in the past decade. Apparently they hadn't realised before this was going to be a festival and had planned for a hardcore fan audience. A little bit of consolation at least.

See also: Hurricane General, Friday, Sunday.

June 26, 2004, 23:55

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