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The Greenhornes

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Back in the days when The Strokes were new and exciting, I was a bit slow to pick up their brilliance. And when I finally did, all a friend of mine had to say about that was that she wasn’t surprised at all as I had been known to like all that 70s stuff. That much for predictability, Mr Porst.

Greenhornes Sewed Soles Cover Art It was a bit easier for me to fall for The Greenhornes, I guess. I stumbled across them with everybody else when seeing Broken Flowers. Then I got their album Sewed Soles which is said to be a collection of many of their songs, 19 to be precise, and I was hooked. Their music is so obviously close to The Animals or The Yardbirds that even I understood immediately that I like it. And the CD got a pretty constant spin in the kitchen CD player since. It’s very good music to have with breakfast. A few songs on weekdays and the whole CD on weekends.

Hm. ‘Just like The Animals’? ‘Music for breakfast’? That might sound a bit negative. But The Animals are great and – while similar – The Greenhornes are a few decades younger, which you can tell by their sound. Similarly, music at breakfast time is a difficult topic. After all that’s the time of the day when I’m most irritable, so music has to be chosen carefully to not destroy the possibility of a good morning. And this CD does a good job at that. [Buy at amazon .com, .uk, .de]

December 21, 2005, 0:21

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Comment by fenristhemoondoggie: User icon

I love the animals and the greenhornes , after I saw them open for the white stripes , I immediatly liked their sound and purchased east grand blues.I was not disapointed.

January 5, 2006, 1:53

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