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Telesushi and The Elephants Live

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Continuing the recent music spree that sweeps across Göttingen, we went to another gig tonight. To begin with, local band Telesushi played. With their guitarist being a friend of a friend I had meant to see them for a while but always missed out. So this was a good opportunity to catch up. And an enjoyable one at that with the band becoming better and better throughout the gig.

Telesushi on stage at Nörgelbuff in Göttingen

The second band playing were The Elephants from Copenhagen - after Cody the second band from Copenhagen to come here within a month - who are just beginning their tour of Germany and the surrounding countries. They played great music as well which we enjoyed a lot. Go and see them if you can. A band bringing along a ukelele, a theremin and other assorted goodness can’t be wrong.

The Elephants on stage at Nörgelbuff in Göttingen

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November 4, 2009, 0:32

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