Haus The number of Bremer Häuser still existing today is quite high. While these houses are protected because they are considered historical buidings (even whole streets are protected like that) nowadays some others were destroyed to build modern houses instead, which tend to destroy the grown structure and homogenity of the affected streets.

The remaining houses got loved by their owners with time and are treated by their owner accordingly in most cases. Since the Bremer Haus under protection, neither major nor minor changes may be made to the façade. Any change has to be authorized by the "Amt für Haus Denkmalschutz", an institution that watches these houses and supports the owners in restoring then to their original state or keeping them intact. Like that the original face of the houses and the streets they are built in can be conserved or even restored. The power of the "Amt für Denkmalschutz" hereby starts with forbidding you to destroy your house's façade by building a garage into your house and doesn't even end with determening the choice of colours you are allowed to paint your house with.

Due to the fact that Bremen is smaller than other cities (like for example Berlin), the possibilities of keeping these old buildings intact ist greater.

The pictures show a house that has only recentley been renovated. The fence, the door, the staircase (you can't see it), the tiles (you can't see them on these pictures either) as well as the details just below the windows of the first floor have been renovated so the house looks as originally as possible.

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