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So these are the seasonal holidays. Lots of food have been had. The traditional goose on the 25th and venison of the extremely tender variety on the 26th.

And then there's of course my new iPod. I named it よしみ for the time being – until a better spelling becomes apparent. What a nice toy. As many will have noticed before even its packaging is extremely pleasant as is its usage. Particularly for us old fashioned Mac people who enjoy seeing the good old Chicago font alive and kicking. And while I am not a big fan of carrier cases for little devices, the one included with the iPod looks and feels really nice, so I may end up using it although I had planned not to.

Things I am not quite happy with are related to synchronising with the Address Book. To begin with, this seems to be painfully slow, considering that all the computer has to do is gather a trivial amount of data and send it across a high speed connection. – This may be related to shortcomings in iSync, though, as my dad says the speed when synching with his Palm is quite poor as well. In addition it didn't sync my brother's address completely, it marks most of the phone numbers as 'work' although it aren't and it isn't too clever about displaying long phone numbers. Alos, iTunes uses around 40% of processing time while syncing with the iPod. And it uses the processing time in a way that renders the Powerbook almost unusable – even making the mouse cursor jump. I thought those effects would be done with in OS X.

To go with the iPod, my brother sent me a cool Apple door hanger with 'Study on' and 'Rock on' labels, the former ending in 'I was studying.' Nice.

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December 28, 2003, 0:35

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