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Hurricane, The Storm After

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After enjoying a rather perfect festival with excellent music and the weather – warm but with a few clouds and not really hot – to go with it, there started being massive dark clouds on the sky when Wir Sind Helden finished their gig. This looked like we’d be wet and with some flashed being visible at a distance, it suggested that things might become unpleasant as well. And I decided to not see Muse and just drive home instead to not spoil the joy.

Festival grounds with dark clouds coming up

And this was a seriously good decision. As soon as I had reached the car and started making my way out of the field that served as a parking lot onto the small road it started raining. And a few minutes later the rain turned into a massive downpour. The kind of downpour that makes you stop the car at the roadside because you just can’t see where you’re going. And even after that downpour had peaked and I could continue driving slowly, the rain was still strong and it kept going.

I felt quite sorry for the people who were still at the festival then, as this was more than just a bit of rain. And while listening to a song of the upcoming Thom Yorke album on the Underground show on BFBS Radio 1 (hooray for the British ‘forces’ in Germany who bring us this bit of British broadcast accents into the radios), I thought it was a shame to not have a camera with me. All the rain, the road, the lightning that kept on going with the sky being lit and the landscape clearly visible for almost whole seconds, the flashes striking into the ground not too far a way. A very cool and threatening atmosphere, that’s probably hard to create without a storm coming along.

According to the news I could find, Muse didn’t play because of that storm and the campgrounds and parking lots were flooded with many of the tents being broken and cars having difficulties to get out. But it sounded like people tried to stay as cheerful as possible through this.

stern, Die Welt, Police, Die Zeit.

Enjoy more photos and some films (including one while driving through the rain).

June 27, 2006, 0:01

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