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I just checked our web stats to keep an eye on the blog’s bandwidth usage, which is a bit higher than it should be. This is partly due to two of my photos being on page one and two of the Google Image results for auto (not just automatic, but also German for car) and heart. I hope that I managed to change our robots.txt to exclude these from being indexed in the future – although I couldn’t really find information on how to deal with whitespace in paths in the robots.txt file (just type it? percent-escape it? put quotes around the whole path?).

Other popular things seem to be Wir Sind Helden and the various posts I have for them – including English lyrics. Particularly Gekommen um zu bleiben is getting a lot of visits. Other popular search terms are ‘quarter life crisis’ (hmm, I feel like changing that name since two years… but it just seems to stick) and the ever-senselessly popular make a virus (hello people! there are quotation marks around the word virus…). We also have Ballerburg, iTunes stuff, AppleScript stuff, Adam Green stuff, Libertines stuff and many other random ones.

Oh, and we are getting about a dozen refers a day from Google for the word ‘porn’. Seeing that this site is rather porn-free, I started wondering where those come from. And a quick search in the server logs later (Apple’s Console application is quite useful for this kind of task – particularly if you want to start viewing the log right away while it’s still downloading via a slow link – and even more so if you don’t want to open a multi-megabyte file in a Cocoa text editor like Hydra SEE and experience the slowness and memory usage that come with it \end{rant}) revealed that these are indeed coming from a plain vanilla German pages search for the term ‘porn’ in Google.

Even better – I’m number one for that word. In the English Google range people’d kill for this, I suppose:

Screenshot of Google search results for German pages containing the word 'porn'

Oh and the search result points to the cookie photos I made in 2003. Thanks to the page’s ingenious title.

April 11, 2005, 2:09

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